• Independent, creative filmmakers who take a guerrilla approach to filmmaking. We have produced many short films and in 2013 progressed to feature films, which is now our main focus as filmmakers. Features include WASTELAND which can be bought on bluray, DVD and View on Demand through many different platforms (including Amazon & iTunes). Want to know more? Just send us a message - we're pretty chilled, and don't bite!
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  • “Tom Wadlow has experience mainly confined to short films, and with that the control of finances brings forth a nicely executed British zombie tale.”

    Baron Craze, Rogue Cinema

    “I was a big fan of this film for the most part and feel that this character piece really would play well with films like Dead Weight, and other end of the world survival indie films that do not fall to its small budget but think outside of the normal and create uniqueness from its limited resources. 7.5/10”

    JamesD, wickedchannel.com

    “If you like movies with well-developed relationships and the thought provoking exploration of survival themes, I think you’ll enjoy Wasteland.”

    Jeff Mohr, horrornews.net

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  • Wasteland - The Cast Written on Tuesday, 06 November 2018 16:10
    Although making a feature film can be a challenging process to go through, it can be so much fun, especially when you've got a great cast bonds are…
  • Wasteland - The Locations Written on Tuesday, 06 November 2018 16:09
    One of the major challenges we've had to face while making Wasteland in the locations. Not only finding them but dealing with the issues the they create. However,…
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